Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Show 6: U Know What Ladies Like?

Guys SWEAR they know what we {Ladies} like about them and we will explore and discuss their assumptions... Guys call in and tell us what you think we like and we'll tell ya! & Ladies call in too and collaborate with us! 

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Now that our show is an hour, we have more than enough time to check in with the Ladies Room Attendant and we're dropping this week's Say What Now? So make sure you go to our page and follow the show so that you can set reminders! You don't want to miss this show!!!....or any of them dammit! :-) 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

_LOL_ (Liking us On the Low) ::vs:: ((LOL)) *Liking us Out Loud*

There is evidence that some of your are Liking Us on the Low and we won't allow anymore of that! From now on, you can only Like Us Out Loud! #hairflip (video explains it all)


This Week's Addition to the ~*Ladies Room Lingo*~:


#Chosies: Individuals (both male and female) who display acts of desperation on social networking sites, and even in real life, hoping to get “chose”. In real life, their actions may be a little more subtle as compared to online.  Real life #Chosies may do things like stand next to VIP, hoping to get chose as the groupie of the night. Rewards might be free drinks, a picture with a celebrity, or an invitation to the “after-party”. Although, the online #Chosies competition is tough; so the acts of desperation are much more prevalent. Remember, these are thirsty males and females alike. These #Chosies do things like post booty pics, boob pics, and other thirsty pics online, solicit themselves for cuddle buddies, and post #LonelyTweets in hopes to find their online savior. But don’t save ’em! (They don’t want to be saved) They just want to be DM’d and get “chose”. 

>>>There's so much more we'll talk about and this is our first of many hour long shows!!! We're also taking callers now!! You can call (760) 283-5121 and press "1" to be on air! You can also chat live with us by clicking the BlogTalkRadio button below! Thanks for your support and your ears every Wednesday night at 11pm EST!!!<<<

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Show 5: I Am Not MY ______

We are sooooo happy to announce that due to listener demands, we will now make our show HOUR-LONG episodes! We are also welcoming you listeners to participate!!! Yall email and tweet us all the time with your thoughts and opinions, so now you will have the opportunity to speak your mind on air!!! We also want to thank you for your support and giving us your ears every week! Tell your friends and feel free to comment here! We promise to deliver every time!!! Below is a sneak peek of Wednesday's show! We'll talk to you then! :-)


Ladies, have you ever been told that you should model or play basketball because you're tall? Have you been told that you should be a video chick because you have a donk? Have you been told that you should work at Hooters because you have large "hooters?" Well, this show is a declaration of independence! We are NOT OUR *Insert Heres* Whether it be, height, donk, or hooters! And every week we serve up a new addition to the ~*Ladies Room Lingo*~! The Ladies Room Attendant will also drop by with some advice! So cue: “Independent Women” ladies, and fellas grab a pen and take notes!

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Another #Bitterman

*sigh* Oh guys....These videos are just for laughs! You know in the {Ladies Room} we don't #ManBash ...we just point out what we see and discuss it! #hairflip ....We love you guys though....just cool it with the bitterness! :-)

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Show 4 Review: Are We {Ladies} Causing #ManBitterness ?

[Disclaimer: We in the {Ladies Room} always vow not to #ManBash. This particular show was a reflection of a recent wave of #ManBitterness being perpetuated on social networking sites everywhere. We decided to address the #BitterMan Syndrome and explore the causes. So do not flee for fear of the title! We still love the #BitterMan, we just wanted to bring it to light!]

This Week's addition to the ~*Ladies Room Lingo*~ is defined on the left <----- #TheSneakAttack. Check out the {Ladies Room} official definition and be careful not to be hit! LOL

>The #BitterMan<
The Syndrome: A man who repeatedly rants on social networking websites (SNS) about the awfulness of some particular woman, or past women, and her/their wrongdoings.

The Symptoms: The #BitterMan syndrome causes men to create bitter trending topics such as: #GirlUaintRight and #REALWomen; and hour-long rants that oftentimes result in #FollowerMuting. 

The Antidotes: 
1. Stay off Twitter when you're feeling bitter!
2. Go out with the fellas
3. Call your stand-by
4. Go to the gym
5. Brush your teeth, wash your car, and get a haircut
(no bitter texts, voicemails, tweets, emails, or Facebook updates)

**We then discussed the causes of the #BitterMan and if we {Ladies} could be the direct cause**

The Ladies Room Attendant stopped by with her advice this week: 
Ladies... AND Gents, Don't "Tasha Mack" It!

When it comes to dealing with guys, ladies Don't "Tasha Mack" It; meaning don't think too much, dig too deep for meaning, overreact, or sabotage your relationships before they're even allowed to fully develop. Just enjoy the moments. If he's an “Undefined,” a “Sometimes/Never,” or whatever, and you're happy when you're together, just leave it be. Take it for what it is and enjoy yourself! ("Tom Mack" or "Tyrone Mack" is the male variation of this term.) ***The character "Tasha Mack" appears of the BET show, "The Game" Tuesday nights at 10pm EST.***

To hear the entire show, click the button below!

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Hope you enjoyed our show and our previous shows! You can catch up anytime and please feel free to comment! We appreciate you for lending us your ears every Wednesday at 11pm EST!! :-)

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


~* The #Bitterman Playlist *~
A playlist for the moments of #ManBitterness . Only to played before overcoming #ManBitterness.

Carl Thomas- "So Emotional"
Tank- "Please Don't Go"
Ne-Yo- "So Sick"
Omarion- "Ice Box"
Profyle- "Liar, Cheater, Deceiver, Heartbreaker"
Usher- "Let It Burn" 
Cee-Lo- "F*** You"

Beware of the men while they're listening to these songs, for these songs perpetuate #ManBitterness! 0_o

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