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Allow us to re-introduce ourselves our names are Najla T. & KESHIAfromCALI and every Wednesday here in the Ladies Room you can expect:
     * To hear conversations that can usually be overheard in an actual ladies room or anywhere there's a gathering of ladies.
     * To provide infotainment (entertaining information that's highly useful (just said playfully ;-) ) and advice for both women and men.
     * To inform men of women's most common pet peeves.

& if you missed ALL the GIRLS STANDING in the LINE for the [LADIES ROOM] you missed wayyyyy too much! Here's a little catch-up session:

Najla T. noticed while fishing through her timeline on Twitter (@NajFierceness) that men were tweeting about how much they missed their manfriends! A tweet mentioned "I miss @________ #noHomo" and she was very confused about why she was seeing this very close manfriend-dom happen very often on her timeline....and we decided to call it "Men Missing Men." Since it happens a lot on social networking websites, we will probably give more "Men Missing Men" updates in later shows...

Keshia (who is known as @KESHIAfromCALI on Twitter) had a man from about 5 years back call her to catch up. With good news, Keshia exclaimed that she will be moving to New York, expecting the guy to be excited. Instead, he let out a loaded, agitated *sigh* and explained how frustrated he is with her moving all over the country and not being able to settle down with her. So we've concluded that in addition to "Men Missing Men", also what's happening is "Men Reprimanding Women."


Advice from the Ladies Room Attendant 
In most [Ladies Rooms] a woman has candy, gum, bobby pins, M&Ms, lotion, body spray, underwear (okay, she might not have underwear, LOL) and everything to ensure that your restaurant and/or club experience goes well. The Ladies Room Attendant also hears plenty of conversations and most likely has some advice! So in our minds, she's an older, wiser woman who can give us her jewels of wisdom to ensure that we enter the 25-and-up world well adjusted.

                  (only boyfriends are called by their names)
While we women always have nicknames for men, The Ladies Room Attendant stresses the importance of referring men who we are not particularly serious with as their location ("So Florida did this..." or "Miami doesn't know how to act...") , his occupation ("Med School" or "Valet Man"), what he does for you ("Errand Boy"), or your non-relationship status("My Undefined" or my Sometimes Never"). When you decide to get serious with said men, then he becomes your boyfriend and will earn his actual name!


@ Us & Ask Us! 
People ask us our opinions all the time! So you can "@ us" on Twitter (@NajFierceness and @KESHIAfromCALI) a question and we can answer it on the show! OR if your question exceed 140 characters, you can email us at!

@NJOFitness: What creative date ideas do you ladies have?

Najla suggested a chocolate-making date at your local chocolate bar or store. Most chocolatiers have classes that you can bring a date on!
>>> If you're in DC, my favorite place AC/KC has Chocolate Truffle Making Classes, Chocolate and Wine Pairing Classes, and Chocolate Tasting Classes every week! Check it out! ----->

Keshia suggested an ice skating date! It's cold, but more reason to cuddle up and have fun while getting to know your date! And make sure your date is prepared, if not, it's right down the street from Fox Hills Mall! Grab a scarf, some gloves, and get ready to have a memorable date!
>>>> If you're in California, well in the LA area, go to the Culver City rink! ------>

(((( We strongly suggest that you listen to what your date likes! We women can be especially picky, but we will always let you know what we hate and what we love! So during your initial conversation, make sure you listen to her hobbies and you can come up with some great date ideas! ))))

We also introduced the #SyllableClap ! You can check out all of our Ladies Room Lingo on the lefthand side. Each week we'll post our addition to the ~*Ladies Room Lingo*~ here! We'll have video demonstrations coming soon!!!! #excitement!

and the show didn't stop there!!! Following the show, we poured over into TinyChat for The LetOut! if you're from the East Coast, you know that when the clubs "let out," the parking lot party begins, usually for those who weren't able to get into the club! (LOL)

Anyway, we had an amazing first show and we thank you for your support! You can always listen to shows that you've missed by clicking below! 

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We appreciate all of you #ManListeners & #LadyListeners !!!! Tune in every Wednesday at 11pm EST!!!!!

@NajFierceness & @KESHIAfromCALI

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