Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Show 6: U Know What Ladies Like?

Guys SWEAR they know what we {Ladies} like about them and we will explore and discuss their assumptions... Guys call in and tell us what you think we like and we'll tell ya! & Ladies call in too and collaborate with us! 

Call (760) 283-5121 and listen live Wednesdays at 11pm. Press "1" when we open the lines so we can hear what you have to say! You can always listen online! Just click the button below!

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Now that our show is an hour, we have more than enough time to check in with the Ladies Room Attendant and we're dropping this week's Say What Now? So make sure you go to our page and follow the show so that you can set reminders! You don't want to miss this show!!!....or any of them dammit! :-) 

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